St. Joseph’s Catholic Voluntary Academy, Boughton

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary and Nursery School currently has 248 children on  roll aged 3-11 years serving the localities of Ollerton, Boughton and surrounding areas of North Nottinghamshire.

We feel our Mission statement ‘Growing in Love, in the Spirit of Christ, for the benefit of all’ reflects all we stand for as a School community. We put the example of Christ at the centre of all we do to help us grow Socially, Academically, Spiritually, Morally and Physically in our learning and our friendships. We do this for ourselves as well as for the members of the School, Parish, Local, National and International communities in which we live.

The school opened in 1963 and has benefited from several projects of refurbishment, modernisation and extension with the most recent being in the Summer of 2018. The school strives to provide modern facilities and a learning environment in which our children can flourish.

The school converted to an Academy in July 2015 and became Part of The Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Multi Academy Trust in September 2018 working with other local Catholic Schools to strive for the best for all our children. As a result we have happy children with a love of learning who are well mannered and polite. Children respect each other and the world in which they live and they have a good reputation within the local community. The Parents of our Children share our desire for the best for all our children and recognise the need for a positive, open and mutually respectful partnership between Home and School.

The School last Received and Ofsted Inspection in May 2018 resulting in a Good judgement in all areas supporting our evaluation of the strength and areas for development of our school.

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