Event Category: Primary Schools

This training is suitable for staff in Primary schools

Details In this session Andrew will describe how his school have worked to develop a coherent curriculum which systematically builds pupils’ knowledge in all subjects. He will explain how they have used findings from cognitive science to structure the curriculum to promote long-term learning and will share examples of planning to exemplify the thought processes … Continue reading Andrew Percival: Developing a curriculum for long-term learning

This 2 hour session will focus on three key aspects of writing: magpieing – how do we share and spread quality writing from a first draft to other children within a class reviewing – how do we improve the quality from a first draft editing – how do we correct technical errors (such as grammar, … Continue reading Writing: Magpieing, Revising and Editing Led by Jason Wade

Details his training will support schools to create an Attachment and Trauma informed environment to support pupils with complex needs. This training outlines Holy Trinity’s journey in creating an Attachment Aware and Trauma informed environment that effectively supports pupils with a variety of complex and challenging behavioural needs. This 3 session course aims to provide … Continue reading Attachment, Trauma and Emotions Coaching – All Teaching Staff

Free Introductory taster session to Jason’s Sounds and syllables spelling programme. There is no obligation to purchase the scheme. The sounds and syllables primary spelling programme teaches children in a simple and logical way how spelling works. It has been designed with three simple, principles in mind: that it would be universal, simple and logical. … Continue reading Spelling: Sounds and Syllables Led by Jason Wade

Details This training will give Midday Supervisors information to help them better understanding and support pupils with a variety of complex and challenging behavioural needs. This training will be delivered over 2 sessions: 17 Jan 1pm-2.30pm and 23rd Jan 1pm-2.30pm By the end of the 2 sessions all learners will have: An understanding about Attachment … Continue reading Behaviour Management: Attachment and Trauma – Midday Supervisors and Support Staff

This training is for all staff wanting to get a better understanding of GDPR in everyday practice. It is appropriate for staff who are not GDPR leads but who would like to feel more confident with GDPR rules and regulations. The session cover: Data Breaches, Subject Access Requests, Freedom of Information Requests in everyday practice … Continue reading GDPR – Day to Day Practice