Members, Directors and LGB

Our Members

Rt Rev Patrick McKinney, Bishop of Nottingham: Appointment Date 3.7.2015
Rev Simon Gillespie, Episcopal Vicar for Catholic Education: Appointment Date 1.9.2019
David Lawes, Chief Operating Officer and Financial Secretary to the Diocese of Nottingham: Appointment Date 22.7.2019
Laura O’Brien, Member: Appointment Date 1.3.2020

Members that have resigned within the past 12 months:

Ann Neale: Resigned 30.8.2021

Members’ pen portraits: CMAT Members Information September 2021

Our Directors

Nigel Stevenson: Executive Board [Chair], (Finance & Estates [Chair], Audit & Risk, Standards, HR & Pay, Pay & Performance Management)

Susan Dryden: (HR & Pay [Chair], Standards, Pay & Performance Management)

Ann Neale: (Standards, HR & Pay)

Susan Munro: (Audit & Risk [Chair], Finance & Estates)

Anne Recchia: (Standards [Chair], HR & Pay)

Rev Fr John Kyne: (Standards, Audit & Risk, Finance & Estates)

Directors that have resigned within the past 12 months:

Ken Daly: Resigned 30.8.2021
Fr Michael O’Donoghue: Resigned 30.8.2021

Directors Details and Term of Office: OLoL Directors Details Term Dates As At Sept 2021

Directors’ pen portraits attached: Updated version tbc

Our LGB Chairs

Register Of LGB Chairs 2021 22 As At May 2022