Estates and Maintenance

Our schools are supported by Director of Estates, Dave Burrough. He works to ensure that schools compliance and health and safety needs are comprehensively met, buildings are maintained and auxiliary services are delivered to a high standard.

To achieve this:

  • Risk assessments are prepared and adapted to meet the needs of each school
  • Maintenance contracts are procured centrally to ensure all essential services are delivered to schools at the best possible price
  • Capital projects are designed, procured and managed from start to finish and funding obtained to ensure our school estates and facilities
  • In our small fleet of vans, our highly skilled maintenance team travel from school to school  ensuring that our school buildings are maintained to the high standard that our young people and hardworking staff deserve
  • We work in partnership with Aspens to provide a high-quality catering to all schools in the trust
  • Our trust-wide cleaning partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council ensures our schools are clean, safe and attractive places to learn